地质学是研究物理的, chemical, and biological study of the earth from its conception to the present day. A background in earth science not only increases the general student's appreciation of the world, but also increases the depth of understanding of a science student's own field. Serious students of geology find opportunities in the environmental, 石油, mining, teaching, 工程, 与地球物理领域, 在水文, 空间科学与海洋学. 惠特曼开设了地质学专业, 地质学与环境研究相结合, 地质学与物理学相结合, 地质学与生物学结合, 地质学与化学结合, 地质学和天文学相结合. 除了, students can also elect to minor 在地质.

要人要人 has been the site of some of the most catastrophic events in Earth's history. The Columbia Plateau of eastern Washington is the Earth's youngest basalt plateau. The landscape was shaped by enormous basalt flows swept by the largest documented floods in geologic history. This is the world you are poised to explore with the Geology Department at Whitman College. The college offers a great variety of course在地质年代, all of which have fascinating field trips and fully equipped laboratories.

Geology courses at Whitman College explore the physical, chemical, and biological evolution of the earth from its conception to the present day. 不像大多数其他科学, in which you may design an experiment to test an idea, 在地质, the experiment has already been completed by the course of nature. 作为一个地质学家, 你要观察并记录结果, 比如熔岩流, glaciers, 或砂岩层, 然后推断出负责任的过程.

If you decide to study geology at Whitman, we encourage you to gain a broad background in science. 作为一名地质学学生, you will be expected to analyze new information critically and to express yourself both orally and in writing. Geology majors at Whitman graduate with significant experience in the laboratory and the field, taking courses recommended by the United States Geological Survey and the American Institute of Professional Geologists.

The department participates in many combined major programs. Most popular is the geology-environmental studies major. The other established combined majors are astronomy-geology, biology-geology, chemistry-geology, 和geology-physics. 除了, students may propose an individually planned major; for example, a student interested in archaeology might combine anthropology and geology.

每学期, the department takes a four-day field trip to an area of geologic interest in the Northwest as a valuable basis for classroom discussion. 最近的旅行包括圣胡安群岛, 北瀑布, Okanogan高地, 冰川国家公园, 爱达荷州中部, 瓦萨奇山脉的, 俄勒冈州中部, 和俄勒冈海岸. You will find our extensive field experiences will be of great benefit in your later endeavors at field camp or graduate school.

除了 to the long weekend field trips to parts of the Pacific Northwest, we offer one- to three-week excursions elsewhere. 自1997年以来, there have been expeditions to investigate the geology of Yellowstone National Park, 格陵兰岛, Tibet, Bulgaria, 加拿大和秘鲁, 研究厄瓜多尔的火山, Italy, Tanzania, 哥斯达黎加, Iceland, 和小安的列斯群岛.

Lone tree on Big Obsidian Flow, Newberry Craters, OR

Once you are a senior, your major program will include written and oral examinations, 高级研讨会、一门实地考察课程和一篇选修论文. The examinations test geologic knowledge and reasoning; the oral examination takes place in the field. 一个重要的组成部分 高级研讨会 will be the presentation of your thesis or a literature research project. A thesis provides you with an opportunity to carry out independent field and laboratory research.

作为一名地质学专业的学生, you will have access to department equipment including seismographs, 扫描电子显微镜, 一个重力计, GPS测量设备, x射线衍射仪, 和偏光显微镜. The department also maintains large collections of fossils, 矿物质, rocks, maps, 和航拍照片. Such resources provide stimulating ways to learn about the Earth and its materials, 流程, 结构, 和地形.

One of our department's most important resources is the Penrose Memorial Library. Penrose is one of only a few college libraries in the nation open 24 hours a day during the academic year. 彭罗斯房屋18,000种期刊, over 200,000年政府文件, 超过400个,000编目卷. 除了, 奥比斯喀斯瀑布联盟, 通过峰会在线目录, will give you prompt access to more than 26 million volumes in college and university libraries in the region.

Whitman's Geology Department is a member of the prestigious 凯克地质财团, which consists of geology departments at 10 of the country's best liberal arts colleges. The Consortium sponsors approximately six major field projects each summer. Most of these research projects are located in the United States, 但有些公司的总部设在澳大利亚, Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Italy, 蒙古, Spain, 和巴哈马群岛. A typical project has three professors and nine students in the field for four weeks. You may be selected from the consortium of colleges to participate in the program after your junior year.

惠特曼之后,地质学专业的学生都做些什么? 许多人去研究生院攻读硕士学位.S. or Ph.D. 在地球科学中. 惠特曼的校友都在康奈尔大学, 达特茅斯, Lehigh, 麻省理工学院, 普林斯顿大学, Stanford, 还有许多优秀的州立大学. Many geology alumni in western Washington and Oregon are working for 工程 and environmental firms dealing with such subjects as groundwater, 污染与边坡稳定性. Some geology graduates have found employment with the United States Geological Survey and state geologic surveys. Others are teaching - from elementary schools to universities offering Ph.D.在地质年代.Most summers Professor Bob Carson leads excursions to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. 春季学期, students meet weekly to prepare for this trip to northwestern Wyoming and adjacent states. 这个地区不仅以野生动物闻名, 也适用于各种各样的岩石, 地形, 和地质过程. The participants earn geology and environmental studies credit.