Oxford Diffraction Nova X-ray Diffraction System

The science division operates an X-ray diffraction system for use in classes and student-faculty research. This is an Oxford Diffraction Nova system, including sealed-tube microfocus X-ray source, CCD detector (Onyx), and sample temperature controller (Cryojet).


Sample Chamber Detail

chamber detail

The instrument is employed for X-ray diffraction analysis of solid and liquid samples. Three classes of experiments are typically carried out:

  • powder diffraction
  • small molecule structure determination
  • macromolecular structure determination

The X-ray Diffraction Laboratory also includes the following:

other equipment

Two Leica stereomicroscopes for sample mounting, including the M205C (above). This scope has a 20.5:1 zoom, and a ccd camera which permits simultaneous stereo imaging under the microscope and viewing on the computer screen with the camera. This is very useful for demonstrating mounting techniques.

The X-ray Diffraction Lab is currently used for courses in Geology, Physics and BBMB, and for research projects by students and faculty. 

We have developed some X-ray diffraction laboratory classroom activities

The instrument was purchased with a 2007 award from the National Science Foundation.nsf logo